Hülya Atasoy

Communication Manager and i-Stuff Trainer

Studied Medieval and Modern History as well as specialised journalism, then journalist at a large Luxembourg media house. In 2021, the switch to the EwB took place. Today, Hülya Atasoy is responsible for EwB’s communication and helps out with i-Stuff activities.


Yannick Fella

Media Didact and i-Stuff Trainer

Master in e-learning and media education, specialising in the design of digital learning formats. Since 2023, he has worked at the EwB in the i-Stuff and Course Development departments.

Leslie Fischbach

Media educator

Bachelor in European Culture, Educational Diploma, Illustrator. Leslie has been working as a media educator at the EwB since 2023 and organises media education activities for children and adults, as well as training for multipliers. Main focus: Reading promotion and new media.

Philippe Funk

Project Manager and i-Stuff trainer

Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration and Master’s in Cyber Security with a passion for education. Certified in several fields. Active in nanosatellite research, artistic painting and music.

zeigt die Direktorin der EwB

Ulrike Kohl


Professional coach, Master in French and Spanish, MBA, professional experience in research management and human resources, Head of EwB since 2022

Liz Lambert

Communication Manager

Master in Study of Religion, has done research on the Secularisation Process in Luxembourg, Photo Artist. She has been responsible for EwB’s communication since 2023.

Liliane Marbach

Secretary and Programme Assistant

Professional experience in a notary’s office, a medium-sized craft business and works in the EwB administration since May 2022.

Nora Schleich

Programme Coordinator and Concept Designer

Doctor’s Degree in Philosophy, active in culture, art and society. Member of the EwB team since 2022. Nora Schleich looks after the programme and the conceptual direction of the EwB.

Barbara Schu

Media educator and nature educator

Educator, commercial specialist in the print media sector. Barbara Schu has been working at EwB since 2005 and organises media education and nature education events for children and adults as well as training courses for educational staff.

Laure Simon

Coordinator of the Oppe Kierchen Project

Has worked at the EwB since 2010 and coordinates the Open Churches Network and all other events and trainings for adults in the field of religious heritage.