Poetry Workshop


The nights are getting longer, the temperatures colder, December is the month of turning inwards. Perfect for a cosy evening in the company of other creative minds. In this workshop, author Wendy Winn invites us to find our inner voice. We will warm up the evening with short exercises and poems from her pen and then we can practise this art ourselves. 

We all have a little poet inside us, whether pupils, students, adults, or elderly. Let it come to life in this workshop. 

So, bring pen and paper and let’s discover together how to bring the night to life with words. 

Organised by: Diana Mistreanu, Lecteurs d’hiver and the EwB 

Datum:05.12.2023Zeit:19:00 bis 20:00 UhrEintritt:FreiAdresse:ErwuesseBildung

5 avenue Marie-Thérèse
L- 2132 Luxembourg