Propaganistic Messages in Comics

Dr. Manuela di Franco

A talk by Dr. Manuela di Franco, researcher in popular culture and gender representations

Children and adults like to read comics. What only a few consider while reading the colorful booklets is their function as a medium of communicating subliminal information. This subject will be illustrated by a historical overview of how comics have been used in Nazi or Fascist times to circulate political propaganda or questionable images of women. Even today, hidden messages are implemented to influence the reader’s opinion. Captain America or Persepolis have more to share than you may be aware of…

„Comics are perfect for propaganda purposes,“ explains Di Franco. „If we want to be amused and entertained, our critical defense systems are not activated. We pay less attention to detail and consume what we are offered.“

The big difference specific kinds of comics is clear: stories like „Maus“ or „Persepolis“ invite reflection, they specifically rely on the reader’s ability to engage with the content conveyed and to form their own opinion, preferably a critical one, on the subject. They encourage discourse and discussion, whereas the politicized messages in propaganda-motivated comics are intended to go unnoticed. But it is up to us readers not to give this a chance: „We should appreciate comics, not as a product of light entertainment or reading exclusively for children, but as an opportunity for cultural exchange and reflection on society. Enjoy the art and history of comic books, of course, but also remain vigilant about the messages that may be hidden!“ concludes Di Franco.

Persepolis -‎ Pantheon
Persepolis -‎ Pantheon

Expo „State of Deception“

The expo „State of Deception“, curated by the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (ZpB), will be on show at the EwB.

The „State of Deception“ exhibition, designed and produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, documents Nazi propaganda methods. It examines how Nazi propaganda shaped German society and prepared the population to accept, support or participate in the persecution and murder of, among others, the Jews of Europe. In French and German. More information …

Organised in cooperation with and Zentrum fir politesch Bildung.

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